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We are now accepting membership applications!


Why should I join the Arizona Audiology Coalition?

We are announcing an introductory membership rate of $25 for accepted professional members and $10 for accepted student members.  This price is valid until November 17, 2017 and covers membership until March 1, 2019.  For applications received after November 17, 2017, the regular membership rate of $25 for students and $100 for professionals applies.

By becoming a member of the Arizona Audiology Coalition, you are taking a step to support audiology in Arizona.  


  • Advocate for the profession of audiology in the state of Arizona
  • Advocate for Arizona residents with hearing loss
  • Increase awareness of audiology to the public
  • Provide educational opportunities
  • Provide membership communication

These goals are only possible through the support and committment of our members. 

Membership Types:

  • Professional Member
  • Student Member
  • Affiliate Member

To apply, return to the homepage and click on the "Membership Application" link in the upper left section of the website.

Arizona Audiology Coalition Bylaws: